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To demonstrate the concreteness of this ethical orientation, Nimapol has chosen to apply particularly advantageous terms of sale in the conviction that water isn’t an ordinary merchandise to draw profit from but a special resource that must be guaranteed to everyone. In this way the company tangibly manifests a form of sincere respect towards those most in need of solidarity and attention.

Nimapol also designs and distribute the best possible product in terms of efficiency, reliability and guaranteed originality: a result it strives for through the continuing commitment of its research and development division. It is precisely to ensure the constant improvement of its processes and products that, ever since it is founding, Nimapol has invested all the profits generated by its activity back into the company. This, too, is a real form of respect: towards customers and suppliers.

Respect, therefore, is the true cornerstone of the Nimapol philosophy: a deliberate choice that was already made at the time the company was formed in 2002 , and that made it, nearly 15 years ahead of its time, a concrete example of a company attentive to social responsibility, an orientation that only now is beginning to spread.

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Hamid Reza Ghandi

Hamid R Ghandi
Managing Director
Nimapol Co.


Nimapol is a trading company and one of the main distributors of Electric Motors , Elector pumps , Generator Sets , Compressors and other kind of Industrial equipment in the Iranian market. We established Nimapol co. with 2,000,000,000 Rls (250,000 US Dollar with currency rate :7950 Rls ) in Tehran at 2002 with 20 years experience in Isfahan and Tehran in behind . We are honored to inform you that we have distributorship and sole agency of MarelliMotori co. ( Italy ) in field of electric motors from 2002 & PEDROLLO co. ( Italy ) in field of elector pumps from 2007 in the Iranian territory . Also we are the agent of KARCHER co. ( Germany ) in field of Cleaning Machines ( Industrial section ) and before all these we been agent of MOTOGEN co. and JEMCO co. those both of them are the major manufactures of electric motors in IRAN . In other hand for distributing of household elector pumps in whole of IRAN we have a very wide network of our distributors in all cities and beside of them we are located in heart of electricity market. .



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Head Office of Nimapol Company based in Tehran, IRAN, you can send messages or your questions with the following form.

Address: No: 102 , First Floor , Saadi Trading Center, South Saadi Ave. , Tehran , IRAN.
Postal Code.: 1143713356
Tel: (+9821) 33959336~8 - 33919855-7
Fax: (+9821) 33919853

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